Friday, March 11, 2011

A Mistress in Wife's clothing....

I have an amazing story that I just have to share. Talk about truth being stranger than fiction.

Ok, so, a friend of mine recounted a story about the time when she went away with her married lover. For the sake of this story, lets say they went to the Caribbean (it was pretty close.) My friend - the mistress - lets call her Jane, had jumped at the chance to go away with her man, lets call him Bob. And although Bob was actually travelling on business, like many of these randy married men, he had taken Jane with him on expenses. As their plane touched down, Bob told her that his friend, a work peer, was picking them up at the airport and that he'd really appreciate if she could 'pretend she was his wife.' His wife was short, homely, and overweight (Jane had seen the photos) and Jane was anything but!!! However, as any mistress will tell you, it's all about covering for your man, so she went along with it.

That night, Jane and Bob joined the friend and HIS wife for dinner at a local restaurant. Bob had pleaded with Jane not to give the game away, and dutifully she sat there all night pretending to be Bob's wife, talking about THEIR two kids, and saying all the right things (*Note to readers, what a cad to make her do that, and to belittle his wife in that way at the same time!). She says the evening went well, as well as could be expected when you are impersonating someone else I guess. Jane recalls that the friend's wife was pleasant, although a little boring.

The NEXT night, said friend invited them out to dinner again, but this time meets them first for a drink and takes Jane to one side, begging her to do him a favour. Are you ready? He wanted to tell her that this night it would be his mistress - not his wife - joining them, and he begged her to be ok with it. Seems the begging was becoming a pattern! Jane can handle most things and is not very shock-able, but now she was impersonating a wife, when she was really a mistress, and was about to have dinner with a man and his mistress, while only having met his wife the night before. Can we say complicated??!!

Jane and the mistress got on great. Well of COURSE they would eh!! They were both having an affair with a married man, yet Jane had to keep quiet about her part in that. She tells me the mistress was half the wife's age and totally stunning. Throughout the rest of the trip, the man kept thanking Jane for her discretion, while telling her he just WISHED he had the type of marriage that she and Bob had so that he wouldn't have had to take a mistress on. Meanwhile, Jane was pleading with Bob to put the guy out of his misery by telling him the truth about them, and that Bob was just the same as him, that Jane too was his bit on the side. But no, Bob kept his lips glued tight.

Fast forward a year or so, and this friend came to London on business. Bob felt he should repay his courtesy from the trip, but this is where it gets awkward. This time, on home turf, Bob's REAL wife had to be invited along for dinner, meaning Bob FINALLY had to come clean to his friend before they all met up. Ironically, Jane and Bob had finished their affair around the same time. Jane contacting the friend - as all mistresses generally do - and telling him how awkward she'd felt at lying during the trip, and how relieved she now was that he knew the truth. The guy, who by now had met Bob's REAL wife, went on to tell her that Jane and the wife could not be more different!! Yet til this day, Bob is STILL married, STILL professing to be a good husband, and STILL seeing Jane on and off (but now its totally on her terms and when it suits her to do so!).

For any of you who have read my book, you might like to know that Jane, is actually Mistress B....
To be continued...

Sarah J x

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