Sunday, February 7, 2010

Current Affairs...

Well, what a week it has been in infidelity land. Rumors abound that Brad has finally left Angelina (oh, tell me it isn't so!! *rolls eyes*), John Terry - Captain of the English Football squad - is sacked for playing away with a friends ex, as well as up to five others coming out of the woodwork who he has 'paid off' to keep their silence. Then, there is poor ole Tiger quitting sex rehab early - maybe he wasn't making any progress? Or, fell off the wagon with one of the nurses? Who knows. On top of that, shamed Governor Sanford's ex-wife, Jenny, has written a tell all book about him (quite a read from the extracts I have seen) and what a piece of work he was. It went on sale this weekend. Oh, and then there is the John Edwards and Reille Hunter sex tape up for grabs (ugh, imagine having to watch THAT!)

Respect though to Jenny Sanford and Elizabeth Edwards, as, unusually for a wife, they actually DID leave their cheating husbands, even after 30 plus years of marriage together. At least they made a stand and refused to be humiliated any longer. Bravo and kudos to them both!
John Terry's wife left him, but, only to fly to sun-drenched Dubai to 'recover' in a five star hotel before announcing she'd be taking him back. Tiger's wife seems to be 'sticking by him' (and Nike!). Do I hear 'ker-ching' anyone! *Insert yawn here sisters.*

Lets see what this week brings in the world of current affairs. As the world's first, and only, Infidelity Analyst, I will be sure to keep you posted.

Sarah J. x


Anonymous said...

I love that you keep this topic on the surface. Shame on these women what they teach their daughters, as do all women who remain with disrespectful cheaters. So what if they have 30 years? Even more reason to leave. There are many other respectful men who would and should treasure a good woman.

Anonymous said...

Well summarized. Except you seem to have skipped over Mrs John Prescott's riveting *yawns* book release and gloriously, nauseatingly sweet, heartwarming *retches* personal TV advertisement for said scholarly tome giving her personal heartfelt account of how she saved her marriage. ... *runs for the toilet*


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah for exposing the truth about men and for warning us off the conmen and saving us heartache.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you are coming across as a bitter and frustrated woman. Move over and restore your dignity. I have just ended a 3 year long affair and hope I can bask in the beautiful memories forever. He ended it by the way because he said he didn't trust ME!

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear anonymous, and somewhat deluded,
You want to bask in the memories of being with a guy who ended it because he didn't trust YOU? That worked out well then eh! And so you didn't end it with him? He ended it with you it seems...

Hope you can move on to a more deserving, single man, soon sister.

Sarah J x