Monday, June 1, 2009


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
i have been following your page for while now. I had started an affair with a married man about 8 months ago and came across your page as I was looking for answers. We got involved and although it was a sexual relationship, he never promised me anything, never talked badly about his wife or family but we also never discussed what it was or wasn't. It was pretty clear he had no intentions of changing his home life. Of course the sex was great and I thought I could keep it separate from any emotions but I was wrong. About a month ago I started developing stronger feelings for him and I knew for him the relationship was only sexual so I ended it. It was extremely hard but after reading everyone else's posts here I didn't want to fall in love and I was already starting to go down that road of "why wasn't I good enough to be #1". I am still having a hard time but I just wanted to thank you for your page and not judging women who go thru this. This was my first and last time down this road!
Take Care and I am sure your new venture will be very successful!

recovering in AZ

Sílvia said...

Dear "recovering in AZ",

you deserve more!!
God bless you!
kisses and hugs from Sílvia - ex-mistress from Brazil.

sarah J. Symonds said...

I'm with you Silvia. Stay strong in AZ and thank you so much for taking the time to makes my work all worthwhile...

Sarah J, x