Saturday, June 14, 2008

"M.A. Meeting"

Sisters - for any of you needing to vent and needing some support on withdrawing from your MM's - go to the link to see a video of a Mistresses Anonymous meeting I recently held in Los Angeles. This was filmed with four of my wonderful and inspirational mistresses, Mama Cat, Karen, Brenda and Lisa.  A huge thank you to them again, and hopefully more of you will join me for the uprising as the M.A. meetings develop.  I plan to visit as many states as I can to meet with you all.  Mistresses Anonymous ROCKS.   Of course we need to keep the guys anonymous, but this is our turn now to be the leading lady. We have been a secret for too long.  Lets make up for wasted time and reclaim our lives and our spirits.

Hugs, and thank you for your support and blog comments, and emails as usual
SJS x.

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Anonymous said...

It was fantastic. You are doing a wonderful service for all of us scorned mistresses. Great job Sarah!
- Jo