Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mr X Exposed...(again, yawn)

I've recently been asked to come clean about my past married man liaisons, as part of my 12-step Mistresses Anonymous program, the "being honest and living in the truth" inventory-taking, to propel me toward a better, more healthy, and honest lifestyle. Well then, lets do Mr. X, as he was definitely the most dangerous man in my life thus far, the one who emotionally manipulated me and mentally abused me to a degree that had me not even knowing what I was doing at times during our two-and-half year relationship. Ironically, he chose not to tell me he was even married for a while. That makes sense now though. When I finally asked him why he hadn't told me, he feebly whined, "I thought you wouldn't bother with me if I told you the truth." Nice eh. Mr. X is - as sooooo many of you already know by now - the President of IMG International, and yes, he is not my usual type, and WAY too old (almost getting his pension now) but he did pursue me like a heat seeking missile, so what's a gal supposed to do. Here is a piece that the NY Post wrote last year.

As a very vocal advocator for women's rights, it is my role to categorically let all women know about Ian Todd, and about the many men like him in general. To warn women of the pitfalls of falling for such smiling con-men, and the decay of getting involved in their web of lies and selfish deceit, just so the man can have his cake AND eat it. For example, when his (common law) wife found out about our affair, after some three-way altercations, she thought he went on to end it with me. The poor woman thought that Ian was 'working on his relationship with her' and no doubt thought that also included him being faithful to her too. But, his idea of 'working on it' was to come back to me and beg me to start our affair again (one day he even turned up at my door semi-naked, wearing only his t-shirt; which was pretty stupid really as I lived in an apartment block) . Stupidly I did go back, but when I realized what a weasel I was dealing with for STILL cheating on his wife with me, and STILL lying to her about it, I finally kicked him out. About a year later, he came to LA to look for me, crying, and again begging me to go back. He also told me that during that year apart, he had gone on to have two more affairs/one night stands with two women in London. The reason he said he had done that, was to "see" if he could replace what he had had with me. (Translation: great sexual chemistry). I didn't know whether to feel flattered or sick to my stomach. The latter won.

That just shows HOW many women were falling for it all. Me, his wife, plus his other said 'victims.' I bet there have been more since, as after all, a cheating leopard never really changes it's spots. Just ask Tiger Woods. Ironically enough, I used to travel on many business trips with Ian, and Dubai was a regular for us, the reason of the trips there were his negotiations for the set up of the new Tiger Woods golf course in Dubai. Oh the irony of it all now. Guess the apple never falls far from the tree. And boy, his large expense accounts from - Nike and then IMG- were well used on those trips.

Anyhow, here is Ian Todd's bio sisters, so you all know to stay well clear, or alternatively, if you do choose to get involved, at least you will know in advance the type of shallow, deceitful and heartless con-man you'll be dealing with. I just wish I had had that luxury too!

Upon various chitchats with his wife, I told her how Ian had told me that, "he had never loved anyone in his life like he did me, and that nobody had ever made him feel the way I did." To which she replied, "funny that, as he said the exact same thing to me too!!" Just shows, we were BOTH being lied to. Makes you wonder if men like these are such liars in their work lives too, as well as in their private lives. Lord knows that's been proved the case with some of the MP stories, and especially the (recently) ex-FA Chairman for example!

Ah well. Thankfully we have forums like this where the sister-hood can live in the truth; whether they be wives, mistresses, or just girlfriends, we all need to self-protect against some men. And for the record, every single detail in this story is true, so there is no defamation involved.

Peace, love and hugs sisters...
Sarah J x


Anonymous said...

Would it be illegal to start a site that listed the names of all these cheaters? I would love to expose mine as well but I would rather do it anonymously. I just found out that he is carrying on with at least three others, all the while saying the right things to me! Talk about a hurt I have never known. What a piece of work!
Sick in Scottsdale

Sarah J. Symonds said...

Dear Anonymous

I am not surprised to hear this, and I know exactly how you feel. He will be saying all the same things he is to you, as to the other ones too. What a pig.

I will look into the legal side. If it is true then it's not defamation of character. I mean, WHAT character eh!!

Is he well known?
Email me privately if you'd prefer.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Not famous, but a well known physician. I should have known, I always heard doctors are known for cheating. I got the whole "we are in a roommate marriage but I'm staying for the kid" thing. I guess in the end it just makes me sick that I was a part of a game and everything was a lie. I feel sorry for the others who probably think they are the only one and of course his wife who he is probably saying the right things to as well. Why do men like this exist? I have never been so emotionally messed up in my life.

nikkitembo said...

"To warn women of the pitfalls of falling for such smiling con-men, and the decay of getting involved in their web of lies and selfish deceit"

Women need to watch out for each other and this is a good example of helping others by making them aware.

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Anonymous said...

If someone does start such a public list, let me know! I'd like to contribute!